-Toga Night (i.miss.you)

infamous Dead Day

Oh the joys of the last Friday before finals.

A time where students can take this 24hr opportunity to Study, Relax, and…get Drunk?


I’m on medications for my horrendous cough that stays to torment me. BLEH!

So, for all you holding a smirnoff, chucking down a (god aweful) Beer of some kind, or taking ballsy shots of liquor.

I.envy.you. (:

The ‘Dead Day’ sounds good in theory, but most likely people will do something other than study because it will be the last day everyone is available to get together.
MovieNight :D

Thank GOD! I’ve been studying horrendously.

I NEED A BREAK. and Yes! I found one.

Thor: tonight at well, midnight.

p.s Studyingblowsbigones!